Interview // THIRD FORM


What was your first job? Was it in fashion? 

Very fist job was in an ice-cream shop, I was almost fired for giving to large a scoop to customers and up-sizing the boy I liked. Ha! My first industry job after completing my studies was with Zimmermann, a leader in Australian Fashion and an unforgettable experience.

How do you unwind after a long day of creative work?

I go walking; at the end and beginning of the day to clear my mind and start to wind down. I luckily get to take my dog into the office so we fit in an hour morning walk and quick one on the way home, it keeps me disciplined and forces you to make the mental shift out of work mode.


What’s one image, texture, or idea that is on your mood board for this season? 

My main concept is textures mixing with hardware, such as using urban finishes on embroidered cottons, I really like the play on contrasting elements and find this can elevate an essential item and make it special.  


Do you feel there is a specific piece that is embodies your collection within your upcoming line? (SP17)  

A piece that I feel is ultimate Third Form is the Pull Through Dress, it’s the Third Form twist on a classic using hardware detailing and new design lines. 


When designing do you enjoy collaboration or are you more of an independent artist?

I really enjoy bringing others into the design process and bouncing ideas off them, it helps me refine the collection. I know if I can’t tell ‘the story’ of a particular design then it possibly shouldn’t be in the collection. It has to make sense to everyone.

If you weren’t in fashion, what other occupation could you see yourself in?

Most definitely something creative; I have a deep appreciation for architecture and have many books I flip through when relaxing on the couch. Or a landscape gardener, I love gardening and find it’s my best Zen time. 


Name 3 essentials that you can’t leave home without. 

Beyond the real essential phone, wallet and keys, if I’m traveling I always have on hand eye cream, notepad and light weight jacket, the Under Cover Bomber Jacket is my favorite right now. 

Current song or album you’ve been listening to, book you're reading, or Instagram you're following?

 Current tunes – Drake and the new The XX album. 

 Favorite Instagrammers - @figtny @kaity_modern @zhours

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