Interview // 7115 by Szeki


If you weren't in fashion, what other occupation could you see yourself in? 
I would probably be running a soup kitchen! 

Name a designer who inspires you. Name one who you think is underrated. 
He's not a designer per se but I'm really inspired by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. I admire the way he built his business, the thought and care he put into making his products last and his integrity. There's a really good episode of the podcast How I Built This where he talks about his philosophy and mission. That would be the kind of business and product I strive to build at 7115. 

A designer who I think is underrated is Jo Gordon of Jo Gordon knitwear. She's been in business forever! She makes knitwear using very bold colors and patterns but in a sophisticated style. The knitwear is really good quality and the styles are just so classic. I think her concept is really truly something that transcends time and trends. She executes it beautifully with her process and quality and she's always been consistent with her concept. On top of that she's incredibly humble! 


What was your first job? Was it in fashion? 
It was not fashion actually! My first job was as a pop singer, like super pop, in Hong Kong where I'm originally from. I kind of fell into fashion after I stopped doing that and moved to New York.

How do you relax after a long day of creative work?

What's one image, texture of idea that is on your mood board for this season? 

Do you feel there is a specific piece that embodies your collection within your upcoming line (SP17)? Maybe one that you feel most inspired by, or simply your favorite? 
My favorite piece is the Quilted Linen Jacket. It was such a fun piece to work on and it allowed me to take on a new challenge with the team and learn new techniques. 


Name 3 essentials that you can't leave home without. 
My phone, wallet and project planner! 

Current song or album you've been listening to, book you're reading, or Instagram you're following? 
I'm currently reading this cookbook called Neighborhood by Hetty McKinnon. She is a home-cook and cookbook author from Australia who now lives in Brooklyn and her Instagram is @arthurstreetkitchen. The cookbook isn't out in the states yet but one of my team members got a copy from Australia and lent it to me. I'm really into it!