Mood // McKenzie

Flip through my notebooks and you will find page after page of drawings. This is something I was encouraged to do by my mom. I was always provided notebooks and pens to draw with, and I still find myself filling up notebooks with images. I love making art, but what I love even more is seeing artists, far better than I, making beautiful work. Here are a few that have encouraged me to be creative this month. 




Helen Frankenthaler is known for her broad range in painting styles but I particularly love this style. So bold, simple yet very impactful. I love the variation of color that occurs from her painting technique. She painted directly on to a untreated canvas which allowed the paint to soak in directly to the canvas and it gives these paintings dimension. It almost resembles a watercolor painting but achieved with oil paint. 


I get excited when someone my age is doing something awesome. It is even better when that someone is female. At 27, Christiane is making a name for herself with her line and blind drawings in art's male dominated arena. Getting attention from Vogue and countless art blogs, Spangsberg is just getting started. My love for line drawings is a deep routed one going back to "Art Smart" in elementary school. I remember learning about Picasso's line drawings and just being in awe of the movement from the lines. There is something pretty magical about the fluidity of these pieces.