Uniform // Maureen

Uniform // Maureen

What's your favorite spot in KC?  The World War I Memorial at night, hands down. 

What's your favorite city to visit?  Washington D.C. There's always something to do. And they have the best Ethiopian food. 

Cocktail, Coffee, or Tea?  Black Coffee all day every day. 

Explain your personal style.  My style is classically preppy that sways from sporty to girly. 

Do you have a favorite designer?  I love Szeki and her line 7115 by Szeki. She keeps it perfectly simple and clean. 

What's your daily routine?  Coffee in the morning. Avocado for lunch. 

Do you have a piece of style advice that you stick to? Wearing too much black is not a thing.

Maureen's Uniform // Denim jacket, Just Female Spectre Shirt, AMO Stix Crop, simple black boots, red lip. 

Which piece is your favorite?  I love my AMO jeans. I can wear them forever without stretching them out and they pair well with just about anything.